Backyard Buddha

He sits so serenely in my backyard, nestled near daffodils and a garden yet to really raise its colorful flower heads toward the sun. He waits, which is what he teaches: Wait patiently and clear the mind. Stay in the moment. As worries enter your mind, tame them by denying their hold and keep focused on the present moment.

Maybe that’s why the Buddha appeals to so many Westerners. In our hectic, cell phone, instant messaging world we need a few moments to be quiet. It’s a lesson we should have learned in kindergarten: Stop, look and listen. But we are too pressed to make a living rather than to get a life that we fail to stop long enough to see the daffodils or a robin in the backyard.

Life is not the great events, but the ordinary moments of everyday life that we often fail to grasp or appreciate. We could do worse than sitting to watch the silent Buddha and daffodils speak without words.

The Irish poet William Butler Yeats offered wisdom: “Be secret and exalt, because of all things known, that is most difficult.”Backyard Buddha

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