Finding Family Roots


This is a picture of the English village where my great grandparents are buried in the church cemetery (the red building in the background). Actually I have found the family spent early years across the border in Wales. The name “Morgan” in Welsh means “sea dweller,” although one Welshman told me at my last visit there that the name actually means “one who sings in pubs by the sea.” Of course, we were in a pub at the time and he said this with a twinkle in his eye.

What I find fascinating about family history is not just learning about one’s family generations ago, but also the historical times in which they lived. I remember a few years ago seeing a mud floor tiny cottage which represented the kinds of housing my ancestors probably lived in in the 14th Century in Wales. It gave me a better sense of how they must have lived and thankfulness for my housing today.

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3 responses to “Finding Family Roots

  1. Hi john im forwarding another web page look at the non conformist bit .. thats rev georges grandparents ! Richard and elizabeth
    And william .was annie Campbell morgans fsther and was a shoe maker

  2. Sebastian

    I want you yo post this on your blog, it is pretty amazing!

    • Sebastion: Maybe you need your own blog. Word Press is a good one that is free. I usually don’t post long blogs or articles from others, only comments on my blog. That is kind of a general rule for bloggers.

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