Follow the Money Trail

I don’t often post other websites, but this one seems very important when you are examining the links between how politicians vote and where their money comes from:

In the 2012 congressional elections, for example, 772,926,724 was spent by both parties, 301,794,083 by Democrats and 470,231,641 by Republicans. From this link one can find how much money was given your elected senators and representatives by amount and donor. As you might suspect, a lot of moneyin the last presidential election went to Republicans from big business (banks, industries, etc.) and a significant amount from communications industries to Democrats. There’s also an interesting chart showing monies from gun advocates to various candidates.

I’m not sure it always works out that money determines how candidates vote (for example, our Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senator received funds from the gun lobby but voted for gun registration legislation opposed by the same lobby. Our Democratic U.S. Senator here got no funds from the gun lobby predictably.

Astute political figures have long pointed out the need for campaign finance reform but little has been done. One could argue that the U.S. Supreme Court made its worse when it said corporations were people and could make massive contributions to politicians.

If we cannot get campaign finance reform (the foxes are guarding the hen house), we can at least check on where the money is coming from for our representatives and make our wishes known to them. if we cannot match the money being poured into political campaigns, we can at least let our voices and our limited contributions go to candidates we believe will push for the public good for most of us and not just the vested interests.Copy of school-of-fish

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