New Revised Philosophy Book for Small Groups

I’ve added a short leader’s guide for using my latest book–A Teacher, His Students and the Great Questions of Life, for use in small groups in many settings, not just colleges and high schools, as it was intended. The leader’s guide enables people to use the small, 120-page, book in many ways and locations, whether as part of a college introduction to philosophy course or in community settings such as libraries or religious organizations. The book poses eleven great questions of the philosophical tradition (such as who am I? What’s the best way to live? Is there a God?) and provides short essays in dialog form to help understand the questions. The book is available form Wipf and Stock ( or in print or Kindle form from Amazon. Thanks to my students, I have kept the book short and inexpensive (less than $15).

Visit to Tyson Schoener School 008

(Students from Reading Area Community College visit a local elementary school to read books and encourage questions from the pupils. Students from this college encouraged me to write the book, suggesting it cost less than most textbooks, be shorter, and hopefully more interesting. I hope I have lived up to their recommendations.)

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