Go, set, ready!

Unfortunately, many of us feel we race first and think later. It’s the reverse of what runners are told before a race–ready, set, go! We are literally thrown into life before we have a chance to decide if this is where we might want to be. And we have decisions made for us, including the exit from this life when we leave our bodies to go who knows where (or nowhere).

The pace of life can be not only hectic but harmful to our sense of well being. So here are two thoughts to change how you live:

1. Take time every day to find a place within or a location where you won’t be disturbed and simply spend a few minutes in quiet. Take deep breaths. If a thought or worry comes, dismiss it. Focus on your your breathing. If you need a word to utter, breath in and breath out “om” or “shalom” or “peace”.

2. Remember the wisdom of the railroad crossing mantra before you move forward: “Stop, Look, Listen.” Sometimes just pausing before moving on can save a train wreck.


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