Small Sabbaths

Taking time seriously means taking time off, away from daily routines and racing around as if trying to play catch up to to do lists.

Taking time off does necessarily mean taking one a week off to recuperate from the other six. Sometimes the best way to find relief is to take smaller amounts of time every day to rest. Some do this with daily rituals, whether reading or exercising or just spending a few minutes in silence. Others work in a garden or play music or write poetry or cook, or run or take bike rides Anything that takes your mind off your internal informational churning helps. Losing your mind, if only briefly, is not always a bad thing.

In this age when we are bombarded with incessant messages from cell phones or laptops or chatter from television or noise for the highway or neighbors, it’s a good to take time off, if only for a minute or two. Few of us can live in Thoreau’s Walden Pond, far away from others, but we can learn from what this Concord, Massachusetts prophet advised: “When it is time to die, let us never say we haven’t lived.” To take time to savor life and feel its depth is really one of the great joys of being human.

Woods in Wales

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