The Ultimate Goal: Nothing to Think

We live in world gone crazy with words. They say silence is golden, but most of us live in the midst of plastic words flying across our lives, noticed but seldom digested. We drown in quick lines on Twitter or what passes for depth on other social media. No wonder we feel disconnected not only from others but from ourselves.

But there is a solution. And I know before I suggest it you will tell me you don’t have time. If so, I have an exercise for you to try in the next few days, something learned in business management courses. Try to do a personal check of your time spent in the next few days. Just take notes that show generally where you spend your time. I bet if you are honest with yourself, you will find you might actually give up a few minutes of watching television for something else.

So here’s your assignment. Go out and buy a three-minute timer, the kind you use to see when an egg is cooked. Now, find any time in your day to sit quietly somewhere, away from cell phones, turn the egg timer over and sit in silence. When you first begin, it may seem three minutes is an eternity. When thoughts come to you, let them go. Just sit quietly. If you continue this practice long enough, you will find the three minutes go quickly and you end not sure what you had been thinking. You may come to the point when you realize you haven’t been thinking at all.

If you adopt this practice over time, you may discover that this quiet space you have found can be found no matter what you doing or where you are. It comes in handy especially during times of stress. It permits you to reconnect with that deeper part of yourself all the words distract you from reaching.

Don’t believe my words; try the experiment yourself.


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