The New American Center?

There’s a new, interesting study which reveals some sometimes startling conclusions about an emerging segment of the American population who are fed up with both political parties and hold some views that the article claims are majority views–neither right nor left wing, some Democrat an other Republican or Libertarian. The survey indicated that this segment of the population doesn’t care much about discussions of religion in the public sphere or guns either for that matter. Their attitudes may point to why so many Americans give such low rankings to the U.S. Congress, whom they don’t believe represent them. The question would be how any organization might represent such a group, given the fact it holds some views that appear to be contradictory. You can click on the site below to read excerpts from the Esquire article. Whether you agree or disagree with the conclusions, it does offer a different understanding of what’s happening in our midst. (There’s a survey you can take there to see if you fit the new American center).


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