Two Questions for Philosophy Students

photo (13)

Seems simple enough here: an old wooden bench shown in a photo taken a week ago by my wife. I probably walked right past it without noticing, but she has the eye of an artist and snapped the shot. Sometimes all life asks is that we pay attention to what is usually in front or around us–but we ourselves are not looking.

Essentially as human beings we are asked by life to show up and stay awake. Too many sleepwalk and miss the spectacle of nature, even an old bench gathering leaves.

So, class, my first question is this one: What do you see in the photograph?

Now comes the second question: What do you see in the picture–what does it mean to you?

Answering the first question requires only that you name what you see.

Answering the second question requires that you reflect on what the photograph means to you.

I have my own responses to these two questions, but now I am curious to hear yours. So, in the photograph, what do you see and, then, what does it mean to you?

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