Sacred Space




What’s “sacred space?”   

The answer is anywhere and everywhere you feel at home, composed, whole, centered.   It can be a building or sanctuary in a religious building, by a body of water or in the mountains, or listening to music.   

Sometimes, however, we need to create sacred space to remind ourselves to stop, look and listen (the lesson we were taught at an early age when crossing a street, only now it applies to crossing the lifespan of our journey).  

I took a picture of a sacred space in my home office.  It has artifacts and objects from many traditions that have impacted my life–and some objects like a bowl or cymbal to call myself to pause for a moment or two to regain my composure, especially when life’s pace is too swift.   (And if you look closely, a photographic gift someone gave me to remind me of how it seems to feel overwhelmed).

You can create a sacred space within yourself, in your home, outside, or wherever you need it to regain your center.

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