A Blog a Day Makes the Writer Okay?

Long ago, the English writer Charles Dickens wrote his books episode by episode in a newspaper. That makes a lot of sense to me who procrastinates the grind of daily writing, at least a novel I am working on. I write a great deal every day, mainly for my teaching, but also in many other ways. But I must confess I have not written much for a new book I am working on (let’s be specific, “much” means only a single paragraph in two weeks, I am ashamed to admit).

Many of my books and articles are published, but this last one has stopped me cold in my laptop fingers. The road to a new novel is paved with excuses; I’ve got an excuse to match every day I should have written. Maybe I am plain written out. Maybe I should say eight books and hundreds of articles and lectures are enough. Enough already.

But, then, look: I am writing this blog with ease. I let it pour on the page like syrup on a pancake. It’s easy. So maybe what I need to do is follow Dickens’ example and keep writing the novel with episodes in a blog. Maybe it’s as simple as saying I don’t need eternity, just an hour will do. Sometimes less is more.

I’ll give it some thought (tomorrow). Maybe. Stay tuned. It ain’t over ’til the “The End.”


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